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Marketing is the engine of every enterprise, responsible for communicating with consumers and connecting them with the products they need. Yet in many organizations, marketing is underutilized, underfunded, and unable to make its full contribution to the company.

“The 10 Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make” is a valuable resource for marketing executives who want to improve their department’s performance, and, just as importantly, get recognition from corporate leadership for their contribution to company success.

This complimentary eBook/MP3 audio book will give you actionable, concrete steps you can take immediately to raise your marketing efforts to the next level, including:

Roy A. YoungRoy A. Young
In addition to co-authoring his critically-acclaimed book, Roy A. Young is the Director of Strategy and Development of MarketingProfs, the leading online publisher of marketing know-how for business executives.

Mr. Young also serves as a consultant and coach to senior marketers for large organizations. He formerly held high-level consulting and marketing positions with Time Inc., Yankelovich & Partners and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportantion Authority.

About Eloqua
Eloqua provides the leading integrated demand-generation platform so marketing teams can produce a continuous flow of quality leads for a professional sales force.

Eloqua accelerates the enterprise sales cycle, turning customer acquisition into a measurable and repeatable automated process.

About iCentera
Founded in 2003, iCentera is the leading provider of on-demand CRM portals that drive marketing, sales and customer communication and collaboration. Within hours, iCentera's hosted solution provides custom portal creation, content management, and real-time content and portal analytics so that companies can immediately improve communication with any audience, any time

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"Much has been written about the importance of using marketing principles and tools effectively. But we've paid far less attention to how marketing works within an organization—and how marketers can better interact with other prime movers in their companies. This book really delivers on this much-neglected subject—sounding a wake-up call to marketers everywhere on how to exert their influence and improve their contribution to cash flow."

Philip Kotler, Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

"The authors understand that marketing is now the most important force within an organization—if you can figure out how to coordinate the rest of your colleagues. This book shows you how."

Seth Godin, author of Small Is the New Big

"The best marketing leaders are those who can harness the power of the enterprise—not just lead the marketing team. This book will give you the ability to align and inspire the entire company."

Jerry Noonan, Spencer Stuart.

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